Clothes, shoes, toiletries, a book to read on the plane…hang on we know the question that’s been loitering around in your head. Should you be purchasing condoms or lubes. What’s the procedure that’d help avoid embarrassing situations where your suitcase is cranked open. It’s a stressful question and trust us when we say this, you’re not the only one whose thought it.

We’ve put together some helpful advice about what to keep in mind when packing for your honey moon.

First up, do look up great packing tips to make the most out of limited storage space. If you’re travelling by plane, baggage allowance tends to disappear faster with the various items we love to take.

  1. ONLY ESSENTIALS PLEASE! Rule no. 1 always, pack light. No matter what type of honeymoon destination you’ve opted for – beach, safari, hiking, etc. just pack what you feel is super necessary. If looking at an item you’re thinking ‘maybe’ ‘perhaps’ while packing, best to let it be. It’ll really help in making sure you don’t go overboard.
  2. SUITCASES ARE A FORM OF TRAVEL INVESTMENTS. We know bigger isn’t always better…well little did you know, it applies to suitcases as well. Make sure to invest in a lightweight suitcase. Wondering why?! Answer’s simple…who doesn’t want to save their precious kilos? Hello…baggage allowance people!
  3. WEAR HEAVY! This will sound silly but you’ll thank us later. Wear the heaviest pieces of clothing on the place. It’ll really help save extra kilos in your baggage giving you more room to pack perhaps a few of the non-essential items.
  4. DON’T FORGET THE ESSENTIALS: By essentials we’re referring to your passport, travel insurance documents, boarding cards, credit cards, mobile phone, accommodation documentation and of course the foreign currency. Perhaps a checklist would aid helping you remember.

Are condoms allowed on the plane?

Yup they can! You can take a sigh of relief. In fact, condoms can be taken on other forms of travel too such as ferries, coaches, etc. For air travel, you can opt for carrying a condom in your checked in luggage of even a carry-on, no need to feel embarrassed at all. However, it is important to remember that they need to be stored correctly in transit to retain their effectiveness. Why you ask? Well simply cause the cargo hold of a plane can fluctuate in temperature over the course of a long-haul flight. You can also choose to keep them in your hand luggage where the extreme change in temperature is less likely.

Are lubes allowed on the plane?

Yup! However, if you opt to take lubes in your hand luggage then don’t forget that due to anti-terrorism laws, you are required to bring with you no liquids that are above 100ml in volume. You can try the Durex Carry on Travelling pack without having to worry. Featuring a 12 pack of Durex Extended Pleasure condoms and a 50 ml bottle of Durex Play Tingling Gel Lube, its hand luggage friendly! There’s also The Saucy Weekender and Play Whilst You’re Away. Both are also handy and have been designed specifically for honeymoons and holiday getaways.

If you’d rather pack your lubes in the check in luggage, you don’t have any restrictions. So, go ahead and purchase the larger bottles of lubricants.

Honeymoons are one of the most exciting getaways for newlyweds. You discover so many things (including intimate ones) about yourself and your partner. It also helps opening up different possibilities to understand each other’s sexual preferences. Just like sex toys, don’t forget to look up any rules surrounding public display of affection in your destination country. Stay safe and be sure to keep the love contained!