When it comes to sex, there are some golden rules one needs to be aware of. Sex is a fabulous thing that’s incredibly enjoyable but it’s always good to be aware of all the etiquettes. This definitely helps making the experience pleasurable for both the spouses.

1. Don’t be selfish!

If you don’t last long and your spouse hasn’t finished with you, try not to be selfish. You can try resting for a few minutes if you really need to and then try helping your spouse orgasm too. Men, pay attention…if she takes up to 30 minutes to orgasm, there’s nothing wrong with her. Just remember the intercourse only completes when both of you have orgasmed.

2. Learn to communicate!

Ever heard of the phrase honesty is the best policy? Learn to apply it. As much as we’d like to believer, our spouses are not really mind reader so if you don’t ask for something, don’t expect then to know what you want. Similarly, if there’s something you’re not liking or a certain position you’re not feeling comfortable, he/she will only know once you communicate it. So, learn the art of communication. It’ll also really help strengthen your marriage!

3. Please don’t stare

It’s great locking eyes during foreplay and sex but just try not to give an uncomfortable stare while looking constipated. It just gets awkward.

4. Try vocal affirmations

Instead of going completely silent, let out a little “oh,” “ah” action. It’ll really help your spouse know what you’re liking and he/she is more likely to give you more of the good stuff.

5. Help clean up!

6. Foreplay was never optional

Don’t just jump to penetration after just a couple of kisses. Understand your spouse’s pace, what they expect and move accordingly. Learn the art of pleasuring each other.

7. Take care of your personal hygiene please!

If you’re using the same underwear twice, please change the habit. Don’t go unwashed to your spouse. Good body odour, breath and overall hygiene is something that shouldn’t only be expected of you but a necessity for you!

8. Don’t get distracted!

There’s nothing worse than a spouse stopping midway because they have to pick up the phone of be somewhere. If you have to pick up the phone call, excuse yourself politely and return to pick it from where you left but in a better way.

9. Cuddle

Don’t just roll to the other side or rush off the bathroom to clean up after done. Cuddling is an important part of sex etiquette and no one should ever miss it.

10. Take permission before you experiment!

You might be in the mood for a little adventure but don’t just switch to your spouse without informing them. In fact, it’s best to ask your spouse if they’re really up to trying something new and different. Chocolate sauce massage might be your fantasy but not necessarily your spouse’s!

11. Go in with an open mind

You both might have preconceived notions of sex especially if it’s your first time but know this, sex varies from person to person. So, don’t turn your special night into a step by step replay of what you think it should look like.