The build-up to sex can sometimes be as pleasurable as sex itself. Foreplay is both exciting and exhilarating for both partners and can also further enhance the orgasm. Here are some quick tips you can try to drive your man wild.

1. Stress relieving head massage

After a long day at work, nothing beats a sensual head massage to rid that horrid stress. Did you know that a person’s scalp is home to many sexual stimulation spots? Use your hands and caress him in slow circular movements to get him in the mood. Sensually work your way towards the neck and shoulder are until you reach the pants. Get set, the fun’s about to begin.

2. The magical thigh rub

Use the power of your hands to gently stroke his thigh with slow, firm movements all the way up towards his groin. You’ll be able to get him in the mood as you feel the erection grow.

3. Use your eyes to undress him

Eye contact with intimacy can be one of the most erotic things. During foreplay, move your hands down to your spouse’s penis and try holding his gaze as you stimulate him. As things progress, don’t try not to remove the gaze…enjoy the climax.

4. Crank it up with a striptease

A scantily clad spouse moving around provocatively? Would drive anyone wild especially because both of you are already in love. First off, make sure you’re wearing your sexiest lingerie, one that is also easy to remove. Remember, curtains down…you don’t want the entire neighbourhood to join in of course. Put on some right tune to reverberate the sensual vibe and let the let the striptease commence!

5. The lobe lick

While passionately kissing, move your way around to his cheek and then over to his ear. Blow lightly on those lobes before nibbling, sucking or licking them gently to increase stimulation. Gently move your way back to his lips and then move towards the opposite ear. Did you know that the ear lobes have hundreds of nerve endings and are considered by some as an erogenous zone? So be assured, this trick is almost guaranteed to get him in the mood. Keeping ear sensitivity in mind, just remember, being as slow and gentle during the ear kissing session will really help drive him wild.

6. Talk dirty

While we’re at the ear, a little dirty talk can perhaps turn your spouse on even more. Whisper something naughty into his ear and watch him go wild. Please note, you don’t need to be obscene in any way, by simply telling your spouse that you want him know you’ll leave him wanting more. Sex talk can also intensify the pleasure when both of you actually get down to having sex.